patient testimonials

"We extend our sincere greetings and thankfulness for your good work, especially as it concerned Travis. After two plus weeks in the USA we finally received a diagnosis on what Travis and I both had. It was Coxsackie B virus. It settled as pericarditis in Travis and pleurisy in me. We thank you for all you did and we only have great things and references to make on your behalf. We will return to Liberia in mid January and look forward to getting back to life there. Many blessings and much joy to you and your families in this New Year."

Gina and Travis Sheets
“This is my first time I have experienced this place (AMI South Sudan) and it’s very nice. Yesterday when they brought me here, I was in real pain, but the way the doctor handled us, the nurses, was very great. The medication received is very perfect. The nurses are very nice, very nice for life. They are caring, though you are in pain (but with them) you will forget about your pain. The doctors and nurses visited me regularly, they are very friendly. And I recommend that you continue with that same spirit. When people will ask us where are we getting our medical care, we will be orienting them to AMI."

Mr. Steven Subek
Patient at UNMAS South Sudan
"I am very pleased to say that you and your team provided very good service during my treatment in your hospital. Now I feel better. Thank you and your colleagues. As discussed, I am very impressed by the high quality of your service and I recommend to my ambassador. I think that your hospital could have special plan for the Chinese embassy. It would be appreciated if you could send it."

Xu Kun
Patient, Liberia
Deputy chief of Chinese Embassy in Liberia