AMI Libya

AMI Libya, AMI Expeditionary Healthcare, Libya ClinicAMI Libya is Libya’s leading private medical clinic offering world-class general medical and trauma care and serving the public and private sectors, the diplomatic community, non-governmental organizations, and other groups.

AMI Expeditionary Healthcare is continuing to expand its capabilities to offer clients the best medical and healthcare available and look forward to partnering with you to meet your or your organization’s needs in Libya.

For more information on how AMI can enable your work in Libya and North Africa please call +218 91 303 3777.

Libya ER Mobile Reception
+218 91 303 3777 and +218 92 222 7717




Primary Care – Diagnosis and management of common health issues. Maintenance of optimal health. Diagnosis and management of acute and chronic physical, mental and social health issues.

AMI’s delivery of primary care includes, but is not limited to the following services:

  • Daily acceptance of walk-in patients
  • Out-patient care and follow-up treatment
  • Treatment of uncomplicated Endemic Disease like Malaria, Dengue, RTI, etc.
  • Management of chronic conditions like hypertension, diabetes, allergies, etc.

Emergency Care – AMI maintains an on-staff Emergency Physician and ATLS/ACLS qualified Paramedic. Treatment provided to the international standard of Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ATLS) and Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS). Equipment is equivalent to that of a Level One UN facility.

AMI’s Emergency Care capabilities include but are not limited to the following services:

  • The clinic has a dedicated, fully equipped ICU ground ambulance to collect, stabilize, and transport an injured patient from point of injury to the Palm City Clinic facility
  • Receive and attend to emergency cases presented in the ER
  • Provide ATLS care
  • Resuscitate and stabilize patients in preparation for medical evacuation
  • Attend to all medical conditions that require a specialist Physician’s attention
  • Senior responsibility for the management of all patients admitted to the ICU

There is a limited surgical capability at the clinic. AMI’s protocol is to stabilize the patient for transport to a higher level of care outside of Libya if substantial surgery is required.

Pre-employment medical evaluations – Pre-employment medical evaluations, including comprehensive laboratory testing services. Our medical examination services for pre-employment adhere to G25 and G35 standards.

Staffing and equipment– Staffed with western clinicians at all levels who deliver Advanced Care. The clinic has an Emergency Room with the newest equipment required to provide Level 3 trauma center care.

Diagnostic services – Laboratory capable of conducting a wide range of blood tests. The clinic also has digital X-Ray and 12-Lead ECG capabilities.

Continuous care – AMI Libya maintains a recovery ward to support patient monitoring for a period of up to 72 hours while awaiting medical evacuation to a higher facility if required. The clinic staff will liaise with other medical facilities in case of immediate surgery needed and can facilitate the transfer of patients via ground or air ambulance.

Ambulance service – The clinic has a dedicated, fully equipped ICU ground ambulance to collect, stabilize, and transport an injured patient from point of injury to the Palm City Clinic facility. The ambulance service in Palm City can augment the ambulatory services provided to patients in an emergency.

AMI’s ICU ambulance is compatible with the International Association of Oil and Gas producers’ conditions IOGP-343-Health management in the oil and gas industry.

Health inspections – Clinicians can provide a health inspection on an organization’s premises and suitable reporting and recommendations.

Pharmacy – Robust onsite pharmacy to support prescription medications and vaccines.

COVID-19 response – The clinic provides initial support and assessment for COVID-19 cases remotely, and the ability to perform rapid testing with antibody and PCR test capability in-country. The Palm City Clinic does not offer long-term admission, isolation facility, or extended management for COVID-19 patients. Cases requiring hospital admission will be referred to international or local COVID-19 healthcare facilities with telephonic follow-up from our team.

SARS-CoV-2 Testing – Our RT-PCR is approved by Libya’s National Center for Disease Control. We provide the following tests:

  • SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR Tests.
  • SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test.
  • SARS-CoV-2 Serological Antibodies Tests.

Emergency in-country referrals – The clinic staff will liaise with top Libyan physicians and medical facilities in the event immediate surgery is needed and can facilitate the transfer of patients either via ground or air ambulance to the best location for in-country treatments.

Telemedicine – Links back to Palm City clinic and AMI’s facilities in the US and Europe.


Air Medical Evacuation (AME)


AMI Libya provides dedicated, on-call air ambulance aircraft in ICU configurations for short and long-haul transport around the world. Our Malta-based Lear Jet 45 air ambulance provides the fastest response times available to customers in Libya. We provide expert in-flight medical care by specially trained doctors, nurses or paramedics. Subscribers to our AME service benefit from 24/7 on-call air ambulance service, able to respond to emergencies in Libya anytime, day or night.

Assets – Dedicated Malta-based EASA certified air ambulances including the following airframes: Lear Jet 45 air ambulance

Streamlined Coordination in a Complex Environment – Pre-coordinated mission approvals for operations in all parts of Libya, including remote locations

Libyan Based Flight Operations – Malta-based flight operations personnel for coordinating all incoming and outbound flights

Response Times – Fastest available in Libya

Definitive Care Destinations – Partnerships with receiving hospitals throughout Europe


Remote Site Solutions


Telemedicine – Links back to Palm City clinic and AMI’s facilities in the US and Europe.

Staffing – Providing expert internationally trained clinicians for remote site support, full time and part

Training – ACLS, ATLS, Basic First Aid, and other specialized courses.

Ambulance Operations – including procurement and provision of first responder equipment and management of first responders on-site.

Deployable Medical Solutions – AMI can provide mobile, containerized, fully-staffed clinics to support field operations at remote sites in austere environments.


Training Solutions


AMI is a registered training organization and offers a catalogue of classes and skill set training to our clients. These courses range from simple first aid classes and certification for large workforces, Tactical Combat Casualty Care for those working in conflict zones, and specialized clinical courses such as Pediatric Advanced Life Support.


ISO Certifications


AMI Expeditionary Healthcare, LLC, maintains the highest quality health, safety, environmental, and management standards.  Recognized for excellence by the International Standards Office, AMI – Libya maintains the following ISO certifications: ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems; ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems; and ISO 45001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.


The AMI Vaccination program is adaptable, flexible, scalable and can be quickly implemented across large geographic areas. Given our service to states, sovereign governments, the private sector and international organizations AMI is arguably the globe’s leading private sector provider of comprehensive vaccine efforts. AMI has a modular approach to vaccination clinic set up consisting of community-based, drive-thru and mobile clinics.

  • Independent or embedded staff to deliver testing and vaccinations as desired
  • Robust documentation and reporting
  • Complete procurement, cold chain transport and compliance solutions

Surgical Services

AMI has the capability to provide a range of surgical services in mobile facilities or using existing infrastructure. Surgical specialty services are available but the focus is Damage Control Surgery (DCS) and Damage Control Resuscitation (DCR).

  • Forward Surgical Teams: independent fixed facility or mobile emergency surgical units to save life, limb, and eyesight
  • Surgical teams to augment existing capabilities and support or relieve the existing surgical workforce
  • Mass casualty support

Refugee Health Services

AMI is dedicated to addressing the full-spectrum of healthcare needs for displaced people by augmenting the existing healthcare workforce or independently providing:

  • Infectious Disease Screenings, including COVID-19, HIV and TB
  • Mental Health Wellness and Counseling
  • Vaccination updates as well as per host country requirements
  • Preventative Care 
  • Medical examinations, including tracking and monitoring physical health
  • Medical History Review
  • Lab Services as well as augmenting existing on-site lab skills & equipment

Emergency Medical Services

AMI provides medical solutions and services to some of the most remote and challenging environments in the world. To date, the company has delivered healthcare solutions to over 140 clinical settings on 5 continents involving in excess of 10,000 providers.

  • Comprehensive solutions involving governance, personnel, facilities and supplies based on desired healthcare outcomes
  • First responder systems and fully staffed ambulance services
  • Aeromedical evacuation via AMI’s own fleet or established network
  • AMI has provided medical support in conflict areas by delivering 3 trauma and maternity hospitals in an area of heightened conflict