AMI Sierra Leone

AMI Sierra Leone (AMISL) is Freetown’s leading private medical clinic offering world-class general medical and trauma care.

AMISL is a full service medical and trauma assistance & remote medical support provider with a fully licensed and certified General Practice/Paediatric Clinic operating exclusively for client members.

Located at the former site of the NACTIB New Life, AMISL offers comprehensive primary care services, emergency care, laboratory facilities, and is fully integrated with AMI’s aero-medical evacuation (AME) network in West Africa.

The clinic is now accepting patients and clients. Those interested in joining the AMISL clinic or wanting additional information should contact:

Kadie-Yata Kallon

Head of Operations & Business Development

AMI Sierra Leone is a full service medical and trauma assistance & remote medical support provider capable of initiating critical care and management of life threatening trauma and medical cases, including malaria, heart attacks, cardiac arrest and strokes. The clinic provides a vast amount of services to its client members including:

Services provided to client members


  • The capability and expertise to evacuate critical patients internationally for definitive care
  • Appointment based consultations with Internationally Registered General Practitioners
  • Appointment based consultations with Specialists at the clinic, upon referral by our General Practitioners
  • Specialized equipment for diagnostic and critical care support, e.g. Ultrasound, ECG, Advanced Life Support equipment
  • Emergency Room/Patient Stabilization Facilities and Life Support Systems
  • Observation/recovery room
  • Isolation room for infectious disease control
  • Minor surgical procedures
  • Pharmacy
  • In-house, as well as outsourced laboratory tests, to a reputable Quality Controlled Facility
  • Pre-employment medical assessments, fit-for-task exams, occupational health exams and reports
  • 24 hour on-call fully equipped road ambulance retrieval and transfer service, with internationally registered EMT (Paramedic), operating within a 20km radius of the clinic
  • International Aeromedical Evacuation via AMI Aviation – B1900C Beechcraft. Stationed in Monrovia, Liberia, on two hours notice to move

Specialist/Consultant Roster

  • Dr Albaraa Alloush, Urology, Emergency Medicine
  • Dr Ryan Edward Azcueta, Family Medicine/Emergency Medicine
  • Dr Nellie Bell, Pediatrics
  • Dr Sorie Conteh, Internal Medicine
  • Dr Brian Conton, Physiotherapy
  • Dr Len Gordon-Harris, Radiology
  • Dr Alhaji Alusine Jalloh, Pediatric Neurology
  • Dr Alex Socoh Kabia, Internal Medicine, Nephrology
  • Dr Radcliffe Lisk, Neurology
  • Dr Geoffrey Moses, Family Medicine
  • Dr James Russel, Internal Medicine, Cardiology



What type of insurance do you accept?
AMI proudly accepts the following insurances:

Europ Assistance, International Medical Group, Euro Center, Global Benefit Group, HTH, Geoblue, Afric Assistance, Healix, Cega, AIG, AXA-PPP, AXA Assistance, International SOS, Henner, Bupa, Falck, MSO, AETNA International, Cigna, United Healthcare, Metlife, Intana/VHI, Allianz Worldwide Care, Alliance International Medical Services, AIMS, Oracle med, Net Care 911, William Russell, MSH, On Call International, Tricare, Egypt in Touch, Northcott Global.

Are you accepting walk-in patients?

How do I become a member subscriber?
Please contact kadie.yatta@ami.health.

What do I get as a subscriber?
Members get access to the clinic, our 24hr, 7 days a week ambulance services, and depending on the membership plan, a free annual Wellness Check

How do I make an appointment?
For appointments please dial +232 (0) 99 500 800, or email: receptionamsl@ami.health

What services does the clinic offer?
AMI offers high quality primary and urgent care (ER), pediatrics, and a full suite of diagnostic medicine.

AMI Sierra Leone has access to the following medical specialties:

Resuscitation and stabilization of trauma and the management of major medical emergencies, Minor surgical procedures, GP Services, Pediatric Services, Digital X-Ray, Testing and treatment for infectious diseases, In-house laboratory testing for hematology, serology, biochemistry and electrolytes, Pre-employment medical assessments, Travel medicine

Do you have an ambulance?
The clinic has a dedicated ambulance for patient transfer.

Do you handle EVD cases?
The clinic does not handle EVD cases but will provide consultancy and coordination with the public health authorities. AMSL does have a dedicated isolation facility for suspected infectious cases of all types. We also have the ability to transport Ebola patients to Europe/Africa via our Aviation Network.

Does the clinic have an Aero> Medical Evacuation (AME) capability?
We have a network of aviation assets to transport any patient to any part of the world.

Contact us

18A Mudge Farm off
Aberdeen Road
(close to the UN Women office)

Head of Operations &
Business Development

Kadie-Yatta Kallon
email kadie.yatta@ami.health
phone +232 99 500 808

appointments/general information
+232 (0) 99 500 800

+232 (0) 99 500 809

practice manager
+232 (0) 99 500 801