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COVID-19 Solutions

AMI has been on the front lines of COVID-19 since the beginning of the outbreak in February 2020. We are providing medical solutions and delivering critical services to federal, state, and local governments, international organizations and private corporations and institutions all over the world.

Primary and Emergency Care

AMI Expeditionary Healthcare clinics provide comprehensive primary care and emergency services. Our primary care services include care for all adults as well as children and infants. Our clinics are staffed by experienced physicians and paramedics with international credentials. The clinical care they provide is guided by global best practices and protocols. In addition to routine primary care, each of the clinics offers inpatient care as well as short term ICU care. Each clinic has a full suite of certified laboratory equipment and digital xray services. Our pharmaceuticals are European and US sourced. Telemedicine consultations are available to our teams in the event additional review is needed. Our emergency services include ambulance response with full life support capabilities. On arrival patients are cared for according to ACLS protocols for cardiac and other medical emergencies and ATLS protocols for all surgical and trauma emergencies. Once a patient is resuscitated and stabilized AMI can provide emergency aeromedical evacuation (AME) with either our own aircraft or via our access to the global AME network. AMI clinics accept most international insurances.

Aeromedical Evacuation (AME)

AMI provides dedicated, on-call air ambulance aircraft in ICU configurations for short and long-haul AME. Our growing air ambulance fleet is comprised of fixed-wing and rotary aircraft positioned around the world, often in direct proximity to our clinics and large projects. AMI owns and leases its aviation assets using geographically appropriate registrations that demand western standards of airworthiness and clinical certification. In instances where company-operated aircraft are not available, we maintain relationships with vetted third-party operators who share AMI’s vision of quality and patient care.

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Crisis Response

AMI provides crisis response services to a range of international organizations, government clients, and private sector concerns. These efforts typically involve the provision of healthcare teams to provide and bolster medical care in areas of conflict, complex humanitarian emergencies, outbreaks, and natural disasters. We have a proven ability to provide medical and surgical teams on very short notice. Examples of these services include our work bolstering the DHHS response for the US government, our several month 1,500 person response to the West Africa Ebola Outbreak, and our support of the WHO and people of Mosul by delivering 3 trauma and maternity hospitals during the siege.

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Medical Supply Chain Management and Procurement

AMI is frequently called upon to provide solutions to our clients for the provision of medical items, pharmaceuticals and consumables. We are able to do so via our global supply chain network and proven vendors who deliver on time and on budget. Additionally our clients benefit from AMI’s multiple import licenses and our relationship with the customs officials in the regions we work. This minimizes delays and unexpected cost increase and assures efficient delivery of the equipment, vaccines, pharmaceuticals and consumables as needed.

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Hospital Management

AMI has a proven track record staffing and managing health care facilities from small jobsite clinics through to large several hundred bed tertiary care facilities. Our clients include the UN, oil and gas concerns and local and national governments. Our specialty is crafting solutions for complex environments such as war zones and developing areas. We provide a complete solution including credentialed international clinical staff, logistical and administrative expertise and fold in local talent whenever possible.

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Registered Training Organization

AMI is a registered training organization and offers a catalog of classes and skill set training to our clients. These courses range from simple first aid classes and certification for large workforces, Tactical Combat Casualty Care for those working in conflict zones, and specialized clinical courses such as Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS).

Warehouse Operations

AMI Expeditionary Healthcare offers full service warehouse operations. Warehouse features include:

  • Ultra-high bay warehouse complex 
  • Climate controlled 
  • Compartmentalized ultra-cold freezer storage 
  • Inventory management system 
  • Full time warehouse management and procurement staff 
  • 24 hour shipping and receiving 
  • CCTV monitoring interior and exterior highway access

Central Warehouse Mokena, Illinois | Office: +1 708-990-1711
EU/Africa Warehouse Zarzis, Tunisia | Mobile: +1 540-538-7254

Global Freight Services, AMI Expeditionary Healthcare

Global Logistics and Freight Services

Land, Sea and Air – Multi-functional Logistics Solutions:

  • Assessment
  • Procurement & acquisition management
  • Asset visibility
  • Inventory management
  • Process efficiency and improvement
  • Materials management
  • Operations scaling from startup through growth initiatives
  • Global freight, and expediting services
  • Worldwide courier services