Primary Care – Diagnosis and management of common health issues. Maintenance of optimal health.

Emergency Care – Treatment provided to the international standard of Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Advanced Trauma life Support.

Staffing and Equipment– The clinic is staffed with western clinicians at all levels who deliver Advanced Care. The clinic has an Emergency Room with the newest equipment required to provide level 3

Pre-Employment Medical Evaluations – The clinic will offer pre-employment physicals including audiometry.

Diagnostic Services – The clinic has a laboratory capable of conducting a wide range of blood. The clinic also has digital X-ray, 12-Lead ECG and ultrasound capability.

Inpatient Care – The clinic maintains a recovery ward to support patient monitoring for a period of 24-48 hours in the event medical evacuation to a higher facility is delayed.

Emergency In-Country Referrals – The clinic staff will liaise with top Libyan physicians and medical facilities in the event immediate surgery is needed and can facilitate the transfer of patients either via ground or air ambulance to the best location for in-country treatments.

Ambulance Service – Paramedic and physician deployment to the patient’s site in case of The clinic maintains on-site a fully equipped ICU ground ambulance to collect, stabilize, and transport an injured patient from point of injury to the Palm City facility.

Health and Environment Inspections – Clinicians can provide a health inspection of an organization’s premises and suitable reporting for
Pharmacy – the clinic has a comprehensive onsite pharmacy to support prescription medications.

remote site support

Telemedicine – Links back to Palm City clinic and AMI’s facilities in the US and Europe.

Staffing – Libyan clinicians with western training; western clinicians for remote site support, full time and part

Training – ACLS, ATLS, Basic First Aid, other specialized courses.

Ambulance Operations – including procurement and provision of first responder equipment and management of first responder

Deployable Medical Solutions – Mobile, containerized, tented and pre-fab (basic treatment configurations to mobile surgical )

aeromedical evacuation

Assets – Dedicated Malta-based EASA certified air ambulances including the following airframes:

Fixed wing – King Air B200, B1900, G100
Rotary wing – AS 365. AW139, S-92

Streamlined Coordination in a Complex Environment – Pre-coordinated mission approvals for operations in all parts of Libya, including remote locations

Libyan Based Flight Operations – Mitiga-based flight operations personnel for coordinating all incoming and outbound flights

Response Times – Fastest available in Libya

Definitive Care Destinations – Partnerships with receiving hospitals throughout Europe