AMI Expeditionary Healthcare is offering a CNA 4-week training course with all Tuition, Class Materials and Certification Test provided at NO COST. 


AMI Expeditionary Healthcare has a great paying opportunity for you contingent on securing a CA CNA license, passing all background checks, and based on position availability. AMI is working with the LA Unified School District to do COVID-19 testing for students, faculty and parents. The training program is provided through a partnership between AMI and Los Angeles Skills Academy (LASA).

If you are selected for the training, more information on the program will be included in the Training agreement letter.

It’s critical that you complete the application fully and follow the directions given. Any incomplete applications will not be considered.

We are excited to offer this unique educational opportunity to residents of Los Angeles County who are interested in advancing their education at no cost. You will have the opportunity to work in the healthcare field, the fastest growing and satisfying workforce.

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*Program is for Los Angeles County residents only. Acceptance to the program is contingent upon position availability and successful completion of a background check. If you are not yet fully vaccinated but plan on receiving the COVID-19 vaccination, you can apply to be enrolled in a future class. Vaccination exemption requests can be submitted for approval.

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You must be a resident of Los Angeles County to qualify for this program.