AMI Expeditionary Healthcare COVID-19 Response

J. Michael Wilson MD, MPH, MSHS

J. Michael Wilson MD, MPH, MSHS, Medical Director, COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination

J. Michael Wilson MD, MPH, MSHS, Medical Director, COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination, AMI Expeditionary Healthcare

Dr. Mike Wilson serves as one of the medical directors for AMI. His role currently is with the global COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination Division.

Since early 2020, Dr. Wilson has been embedded in COVID-19 operations on multiple levels. He initially worked as the Medical Director for the 470-bed alternate care site in the Billy Jean King Tennis Center in Queens, New York. Following that assignment, he worked in a similar role in multiple Texas cities as well as sites in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and Georgia. Since joining AMI, Dr. Wilson has been one of the lead physicians spearheading the testing and vaccination programs and will be heavily involved in those operations throughout their duration.

Dr. Wilson is board certified in Emergency Medicine. He completed medical school at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston and trained in Emergency Medicine at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. He has worked as an attending physician as well as the Medical Director of numerous emergency departments, both hospital-based and free standing. Recently, Dr. Wilson has been accepted into the Harvard Medical School’s Disaster Medicine Fellowship program and will be specialty training in June 2021.

In addition to his clinical expertise, Dr. Wilson served as an enlisted medic in the United States Air Force, and an officer in the National Guard and has worked on multiple tactical assignments with the Federal Bureau of Investigations as a SWAT physician. He has a Masters Degree in Public Health with a specialty in Emergency Medical Services Administration as well as a Masters of Health Sciences with a focus on Emergency and Disaster Management.

Dr. Wilson’s home is in Tyler, Texas. His family includes his wife and their 7 children. He enjoys breeding and raising whitetail deer and is involved in that operation on his Texas ranch during his downtime.

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