Ryan Azcueta, MD, Deputy Group Medical Director

Ryan Azcueta, MD

Dr Ryan serves as the Group Deputy Medical Director and Regional Manager for West Africa for AMI. He started his career working for a missionary hospital in the Cordilleras in the Philippines. He joined MSF (Doctors Without Borders) Belgium as an Emergency Physician in missions in Egypt, South Sudan, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. He fought against Ebola in Liberia with the International Medical Corps and served as the Medical Director in Partners in Health for post-Ebola rehabilitation in Sierra Leone. He joined AMI for the UN peacekeeping mission in Mosul, Iraq and later at the UN hospital in Somalia. He rotates in all AMI clinics, Libya, Sierra Leone and Liberia. Dr Ryan finished his Fellowship training in Emergency & Disaster Medicine in UCLA Medical Center.

email ryan.azcueta@ami.health